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how does brick staining work?

Our brick staining Color Enhancement System combines 80 to 100 mesh mineral oxide pigments, a proprietary bonding agent and an environmentally safe carrier to create a slurry that absorbs into the structure of the brick and permanently bonds with the clay substrate.


Once applied, the brick stain chemically attaches to the masonry pores. Because the oxide’s molecules are smaller than the pores, they do not impede evaporation of water from the unit. These physical properties make the brick stain permanent, and will not ruin the bricks lifespan, unlike a brick paint.


Once dried, the stained brick does not seal the brick, leave a film, fade, peel or crack. Our product bonds well with any masonry product that has absorption: Brick, Block, Mortar, Manufactured Stone, Natural Stone, Cast Stone, and Limestone, to name a few.

Brick house before applying black brick stain
Black brick stain on a exterior home
Black and gray brick stain

brick stain PROPERTIES


Brick staining doesn't add a layer to the masonry, and won't need to be removed or reapplied


Masonry stain doesn't leave a shine or look like a brick paint 


No harsh chemicals used in stain for brick



No harsh fumes


Does not seal brick or trap moisture



Masonry staining process has been successfully used in the field since 1988, as shown by over 400 case studies of our brick staining product


We can stain any absorbent masonry including mortar, block and stone. 


Unlimited color choices for your brick stain

Brick building before adding permanent brick stain
Black brick stain on a brick building
Black brick stain on an exterior building

can your masonry be stained?

Are you asking yourself, can my brick be stained? The simple way to find out if your masonry is a good candidate for staining is to perform a quick and easy water test. If the masonry darkens when you pour water on it, it's absorbent, and therefore a good staining candidate. If it stays the same color, it either has been coated previously by a brick paint or is nonporous, and will not stain well.

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