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Stained brick repair before and after on a home

brick staining SERVICES

For your next project, choose the masonry staining system that's proven to last. From drastic makeovers to subtle blends, each brick stain color has custom recipes created to achieve an exceptional look that will last a lifetime.

problem resolution

Before staining brick on a restaurant that doesn't match
Staining exterior brick on a restaurant
Stained brick on an exterior wall

 Off-colored brick runs installed on a residential or commercial building aren’t uncommon. Next time this happens, instead of tearing down the brick, give us a call for professional, timely brick staining, the more affordable and time-sensitive solution.


Bricks that don't match on a brick building before brick staining
Staining bricks many colors to match existing wall
Stained brick using multiple colors

As long as the masonry is absorbent, our permanent brick stain products can match new additions to match an existing structure, or color enhance the old brick to match the new addition.


Brown brick house before applying a white brick stain
How to stain brick white
White brick stain on a home's exterior brick_edited.jpg

Give your home a makeover to match your personal style, the right way. Each brick stain is custom created based on your vision to give you a drastic color change or a subtle facelift with unique colors and patterns. Whether a fresh whitewashed brick or a trendy black brick stain, trust that you're receiving the best brick stain on the market.


How to repair power wash damage to your bricks
Staining bricks that were ruined by a power washer
Stained brick building to repair power wash damage to bricks

Power wash damage, graffiti removal and insurance repairs don’t need to be an eyesore forever. Our stain will naturally color correct repairs, and no one will know that any damage had been done.


Brick restoration project before staining bricks that are in ruins
Stained brick on a restoration project building
Bricks that were stained on a restoration project building

When restoring a building to its original beauty, choose a permanent brick stain over the costly and lengthy solution of replacing the brick.

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